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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

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Hi, my name is Terje Lundberg and I’m one of the founders of Arctic Hazard AS, as well as the Creative Director on Norse.

I am thrilled that we are going public with what we think will be a gem of a game.

Norse is a Viking Saga written by Giles Kristian and produced by us here at Arctic Hazard. We plan to blog about the game and its development quite frequently in the times ahead, to share with you what is going on behind the scenes and the progress of the production.

I will invite Giles Kristian and Mats Tveita (Art Director) to keep this blog up to date, so expect to see some good entries going forward.

The game as it stands now.

We started the pre-production of Norse back in 2016 with countless brainstorming sessions and tons of research into games within the genre. Frustratingly, however, we couldn't get the game into further development until recently, as we were working hard for other clients. Being a small independent developer, juggling time and resources has been a big part of setting up the studio. Back in October 2018 we launched into Norse again, creating some videos and marketing material for the game in order to apply for funding at NFI (Norwegian Film Institute). Fortunately, they loved what they saw, and we got off to a flying start with some well-needed funding. In January, NFI once again showed their faith in Norse with another round of funding, so that with their help and our own investment, we are finally moving ahead with Norse at a pace that the project deserves.

Since October, we now have a fully-fledged client running in Unreal with the Village management pieces in place and the combat prototyping almost done. When the combat prototyping is complete, we’ll set to work on the next big task; getting a character system in place that allows us to create the hundreds of unique characters and animations needed for the game.

So, with this short intro to Norse I sign off, but I hope to see you back here for the next entry.

Best regards,


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2 comentarios

Mick Smothers
Mick Smothers
24 oct 2019

Looking forward to the next entry. The art looks great, and I'm interested to see how this all evolves!

Me gusta

01 jun 2019
Me gusta


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