A strategy game set at the dawn of the Viking Age

Written by

Giles Kristian

About the game

Norse is a turn-based strategy game set at the dawn of the Viking Age, when brave bands of Norse warriors took to their longships to launch lighting raids and discover new lands, to trade furs for exotic spices, silver and wine, and to forge their own legends. Starting out as either Gunnar or Sigrid, you will establish and run your own settlement, the game’s focus being split between combat scenarios and village management.


The main narrative, as well as the characters and subplots, are written by no other than our very own skald and bestselling author Giles Kristian, whose Viking novels, the Raven trilogy and The Rise of Sigurd series have been translated around the world, and whose latest novel, Lancelot, is set to become a major screen adaptation.




We plan to ship Norse on PC and Consoles late 2021.

Key Features

  • Hirdmen that you assign to professions as well as bring into battle.

  • Tinget, the tribunal of the Vikings. Bring your closest Hirdmen with you into Tinget to rule on matters like Murders, Land disputes, Trading and much more.

  • 7 Professions to manage production; Blacksmiths, Farmers, Tailors, Fishermen, Hunters, Woodworkers, and Shipbuilders​.

  • The Seer, your scary wiseman in the woods...........

  • An intriguing story to fire the imagination, which unfolds as the game goes on. Written by Giles Kristian.

  • Combat with Cover-system, Hit-Locations.

  • Classes and Ranks on Hirdmen.

  • Equipment and loot are plentiful.


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